Manufacturing of bathtubs from precious types of wood
with preservation of their warmth and powerful energy for you!

We produce wooden bathtubs of premium and elite class using our own technologies for connoisseurs of natural materials and works of art!

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For over 20 years, Barel has specialized in the production of baptistries, showers and phyto barrels with hoops. There are grateful buyers all over Russia, as well as in France, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Israel.

When creating expensive wooden bathtubs, we strive for such quality, that the product becomes a work of art.

For elite country houses, chamber hotels, family residences, making a choice of sanitary ware made from natural materials (stone, wood, metal alloy), we offer the most "warm" and natural solution for the body.

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Finished products

Bath Tub
thermo ash

80 kg standard

Ash texture has a picturesque look, nobly heavy weight and durability. It has high resistance to deformation and impact, which is the strong point of the breed. It resembles an olive tree in color.

Bath Tub
bog oak

110 kg standard

We use a radial cut for the lamellas going to the walls of the bathtub. Large core rays are clearly visible in it. The older the oak, the darker the wood, the more clearly the veins and pattern of the central part are distinguished.


80 kg standard

It is created from 200 year old Castanea vulgaris chestnut, which has a noble color and healing properties. We prepared it almost 5 years ago. All this time, it was properly stored in an equipped warehouse.


160 kg standard

It is made from natural teak imported from Southeast Asia. On the cut, it has an even, golden brown color. The uniqueness is given by the bright red veins that penetrate all layers from the core to the bast. Wood does not absorb water and does not support combustion.

Process of the making of a wooden bath


Selecting a tree, sawing it. After this, the obligatory drying of the wood


We cut out details, select a harmonious mosaic with the designer


We start assembly at the desired temperature


Sanding by hand to a silky sheen while maintaining the grain of the wood texture


Plumbing fittings for reliable operation


We deliver the finished product to your home and carefully install it

The advantages of our baths

We produce elite class bath tubs

We use a unique manufacturing technology

Warranty for wooden bathtubs 60-80 years

We use materials of the highest quality

Shipment to all countries in Europe

We work according to an official contract

The service life will last for several generations

Deliveries across Asia and Europe


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