Изготовление купелей из элитной древесины высшего качества на заказ любых форм и размеров по достойным ценам!

We produce premium and elite class wooden hot tubs using our own technologies using a polypropylene insert, which allows us to create products of the highest quality.

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Wooden Baptistries

The reputable manufacturer of baptistries in Russia, Barel, offers high-quality prefabricated / collapsible baptistries as important elements of a bath complex.

We produce custom-made wooden baptistries from the manufacturer for buyers all over the world. Our products are known far beyond the borders of Russia, for example, in cottages in Cannes and San Pedro (France). Our product is a profitable solution, since you receive a product designed specifically for you, taking into account your wishes.

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Собственная разработка компании "Барель"

Кто сказал, что дизайнерскими и изысканными могут быть только предметы интерьера, одежда, мебель и подобные штучки? Отнюдь…

Удобно подниматься к чаше купели, также и удобно спускаться. Такие купели может использоваться на улице и в помещении. Удивление и восторг, наслаждение и комфорт - «Наутилус» и «Калипсо» бесспорно заслуживает самых искренних и возвышенных эпитетов.

Такие купели обязательно подойдет именно вам. А если у вас есть какие-то свои идеи, мы сможем и их осуществить.
Компания «Барель»: отдых должен быть красивым!

Order a specialist consultation, and he will call you back in a few minutes!

Finished products

Round baptistry

Термически Обработанный Дуб «ТОД»

Round baptistry

Купель двухслойная из Лиственницы (сорт «Экстра»)

Round baptistry

Купель однослойная из Термически бработанного Карагача «ТОК»

Baptistry construction

High-strength stainless steel hoops for a secure fit

The tensioning system allows the hoops to be tightened or relaxed in a timely manner

Baptistry legs provide ventilation of the bottom and prevent rotting

End rim prevents water from entering the hot tub connector

To prevent the font from flowing, a strong herringbone joint is made

We use a board with a maximum thickness of 42-44 mm.

Materials we work with:

The quality of the finished baptistry grows in the same order

Manufacturing technology:

Single layer baptistry

Only wood. Wood thickness 42-45 mm glued into a herringbone groove (must be stored with water at all times)

Double layer baptistry

Wood - polypropylene. Can be stored without water, does not have to be filled at all times

Triple layer baptistry

Wood - polypropylene - wood. Keeps all of the benefits of a wooden baptistry, but without the need to store it filled with water

The warranty for a properly mantained baptistry is 20 years!

The advantages of our baptistries

We make hot tubs of premium and elite class

We use a unique manufacturing technology

12 month warranty for all baptistries

We use materials of the highest quality

Shipment to all countries in Europe

We work according to an official contract

The service life of our baptistries is over 15 years

Deliveries across Asia and Europe

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